WAND Scanner 1


Built on the industry leading, high-temperature HotSenseTM platform and wirelessly connected by Inductosense’s battery-less WAND technology, the TRND system can be retrospectively installed and implemented within the harshest of environments. Within minutes of installation quantitative wall thickness data can be acquired, remotely analysed and reported through the cloud-based data management system.

  • The TRND system is available through Ionix. If you are interested in using the TRND system for you corrosion needs, please contact trnd@ionix.at for a survey.

  • The WAND collects a-scan and location data each time a measurement is taken and is saved locally on the onboard memory. At convenient intervals, the data is uploaded to the cloud or local server/computer for thickness analysis, temperature compensation, signatory and reporting with the Inductosense Data Manager software.

  • Currently only the sensor package deployed on the asset is certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres by the ATEX and IECEx scheme. To collect the data, a hot work permit would be required to bring in the WAND in to the environment. The ease of use, and quick collection time means that more thickness measurement locations can be taken than previously under the same hot work permit session.

  • Although the HotSense transducers can operate from -55 to + 380 °C, the TRND system has currently been rigorously tested for use from ambient to 350 °C. We are happy to discuss your requirements and share our ongoing testing to evaluate the applicability.